Welcome to the 2nd edition of the workshop

Optimization and Statistical Learning.


Aims and scope

New challenging subjects of statistical inquiry have encouraged collaborations between Statistics, Computer Science and Optimization. Researchers in different areas of optimization have been producing efficient algorithms for solving statistical problems related to the treatment of massive data. At the same time, the statistical community is becoming more aware of the importance of efficient numerical routines. The purpose of this conference is to foster exchanges between different communities working with high-dimensional data.

The 1st edition of the workshop took place in January 2013: OSL 2013

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Organizing committee

  • Alexandre d'Aspremont, CNRS and ENS, France
  • Zaid Harchaoui, NYU and Inria, France
  • Anatoli Juditsky, U. Grenoble Alpes, France
  • Jérôme Malick, CNRS, France
  • Philippe Rigollet, Princeton University, USA
Contact: osl.leshouches@gmail.com