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This page is not up-to-date since mid 2007.
I will probably use my email () for a couple of years.
My most up-to-date web page will always be:

this more or less organized set of pixels is my face. Eric Nowak
Last year PhD Student (GRAVIR INRIA CNRS) [received PhD diploma in March 2008].
CV / Resume: html.


I am doing a PhD in Computer Vision. My main subject of interest is Automatic Image Categorization . For example, one has recorded hundreds hours of video and wants to find automatically all sequences containing a car (or any other object category).

My PhD lasts from March 2004 to December 2007. It is supervised by Fréderic Jurie and co-supervised by Roger Mohr.
I have a CIFRE contract, this is why I am working for:
- a research lab: GRAVIR (INRIA + CNRS), and my team is LeaR, directed by Cordelia Schmid
- a company: Bertin Technologies (French / English website).


Full publication list (with LEAR group): click here

Older publications:


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