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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the license of this software?
This software is distributed under GPLv3 licence.
Which paper should I cite if I use this software?
Depending on the part of the toolbox you use or
Which OS does it work under?
It works on Linux and Mac OS and Windows.
How should I set the parameter param.numThreads?
It indicates the number of threads that should be used. If set to "-1", it is set automatically to the number of the cores of the machines, which is a good idea in general. However, it is often a bad idea to use more threads than available resources. For instance, on a Quad-core machine, if one core is used 100 percent of the time by a process, then you should consider that only three cores are available and set param.numThreads to three. Another example: On a dual-core machine, if the two cores are available and you run two instances of the program (using two Matlab), you should better set param.numThreads to 1.
Which version of the software is the fastest?
We have observed a better performance with the Intel/MKL version. This might not be true for every computer.
What about image processing functions?
While this may be the topic of a future major release, this package already contains key building blocks to develop numerous such applications.
What about discriminative dictionaries?
This may be the topic of a future major release.

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