You can access the Inria intranet with your Inria credentials. From there you can access several tools such as :

  • Zimbra : Email provider.

  • CASA (VPN might be required): Vacation calendar.

  • SINCHRO : Activity report by project.

  • Annuaire : Inria’s phone book.

  • Doc-SI (VPN might be required): Inria IT documentation.

  • Partage : File sharing service.


You have a new mail address in the format “”. To access your mail, use the webmail Zimbra.

  • By default the language is French. You can change the language under “Préférences” > “Général” > “Fuseau horaire et langue” > “Langue”.

  • If you want to redirect your mails to your personal address, write it under : “Preferences” > “Mail” > “Receiving Messages” > “Forward a copy to”.

  • You can also set up filters to automatically organize your mail as it arrives (“Preferences” > “Filters”).


If you want to use an email client like Thunderbird (or Icedove), you can use the following settings:

  • mail:

  • password: your_password

  • Incoming server: IMAP,, Port 993, Security SSL/TLS, Authentication by normal password

  • Outgoing server (SMTP):, Port 587, Security STARTTLS, Authentication by normal password

  • Id (in/out): your_login


Calendar from Zimbra

You can use Thunderbird/Lightning to read and edit your calendars form the Zimbra interface. To do so, add a new calendar in Thunderbird, select distant and then caldav format. The location of your default calendar is

To use another calendar, replace calendar by its ID (which is available with the link share calendar in Zimbra).

Calendar from the team

You can also read the calendar from the team ( in Thunderbird/Lightning by adding a new distant calendar based on iCal and available at the following address