Internet & VPN

Wire Network

Wire network are reserved for servers, desktops and corporate laptops. If you have a corporate laptop and want to connect to the network via wire, please contact your system administrators first.


Do not unplug or switch any ethernet cable without talking to a system administrator. Not every ethernet outlet is activated and functional.

Wifi Network

Several wifi networks are available (you may need the VPN to view these pages):

  • INRIA-interne: corporate laptops only, secure. More information here.

  • INRIA-guest: personal and corporate laptops, not secure (no encryption between device and access point). More information here.

  • eduroam: personal and corporate laptops, secure. More information here.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN allows you to access some Inria applications such as Doc-SI (IT documentation) and CASA (vacation) when you are not physically at the lab (these applications remains accessible from your desktop at the lab).

There are two ways to use the VPN:

  • Standard VPN: only the traffic to inria networks is routed through the VPN tunnel. You can use this VPN in a web browser :

  • Total VPN: all the traffic from your machine is routed through the VPN tunnel. This might be useful if you are located in a country which restricts your web usage.


    You should not access the total VPN with your personal laptop for security reasons. Connections via the VPN are reserved to corporate machines.

    You need to download the Cisco client for your OS. Visit > AnyConnect > Start AnyConnect and follow the installation guidelines. Start the client and connect to Use your Inria credentials to login.

More information can be found here.