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Job Offers

Applicants must have some background in Computer Vision and/or Statistical Learning. Excellent academic records are required for PhD students, and strong publications in internationally recognised conferences or journals are required for postdoctoral positions. For engineers, first class scientific programming skills and previous experience with computer vision or image processing are essential. Applications should include a curriculum vitae, a list of publications and three letters of reference (referees might be contacted).

We often have openings that are not listed here. If you have an exceptional profile that is well aligned with our research areas, it is worth contacting us.

Research Positions

There are various annual recruitment campaigns for permanent teaching and research positions in our parent institutes (Inria/CNRS/UGA), with application deadlines typically being in winter for posts starting the next autumn. To succeed, you will need an outstanding CV with first rate international publications. If you would like to candidate in THOTH, please contact us.

PhD, postdoc and engineer positions


Incremental Learning for Scene Understanding
Supervisors: Karteek Alahari and Cordelia Schmid

(3D) Object Discovery in Video
Supervisors: Karteek Alahari and Cordelia Schmid

Cross-Modal Learning for Scene Understanding filled
Supervisors: Karteek Alahari and Cordelia Schmid

End-to-end architectures for large-scale video recognition filled
Supervisors: Philippe Weinzaepfel (NAVER LABS Europe) and Cordelia Schmid

Human 3D Shape Estimation from a Single Image filled
Supervisors: Grégory Rogez, J.S Franco (Morpheo) and Cordelia Schmid

Motion estimation from 3D depth maps
Supervisor: Cordelia Schmid