Postdoctoral researcher

Member LEAR Team, INRIA Rhone-Alpes, Grenoble, France.

I research image/video classification problems, kernel methods and deep learning. I worked with Dr. Julien Mairal, Dr. Zaid Harchaoui and Dr. Cordelia Schmid.
I have joined the NICTA/Data61 Canberra Research Lab in August, 2015.
See Google Scholar for the full record of my publications.

4x CVPR'22, 1x WWW'22, 1x TMM'22, 2x WACV'22, 1x NeurIPS'21, 1x ICLR'21, 2x CVPR'21 (one oral), 1x CIKM'21, 1x ACM MM'21, 1x BMVC'21 and 1x Neurocomputing'21 papers accepted. Congrats to Shan Zhang, Yao Ni, Changsheng Lu, Hao Zhu, Yifei Zhang, Christian Simon, Hongguang Zhang, Lei Wang, Yusuf Tas and Wei Shao.
See the 1st Workshop on Vision Datasets Understanding in conjunction with CVPR'22. The submission deadline is the 25th of March. Kindly consider submitting your work.
See the call for ACCV'22 workshop proposals. Proposal submission deadline is the 8th of April. Kindly consider submitting your proposal.
PK's talk in CVPR 2021 tutorial Fine-Grained Visual Analysis with Deep Learning (FGVA) entitled High Order Pooling and Fine-grained Classification. Big thanks to all organisers. PK's talk in an ICCV 2021 workshop Multi-Modal Video Reasoning and Analyzing Competition (MMVRAC) can be found here. PK's talk in NeurIPS 2021 pre-conference Australia on contrastive learning and graphs is here.
On the outstanding paper awards committee for ICLR'21. Congratulations to all winners of outstanding paper awards (ICLR'21). PK also selected as an Outstanding Area Chair by ICLR 2021.
2x ECCV'20 (one spotlight ~3.6% acceptance rate), 2x TPAMI'20, CVPR'20, ACCV'20, PAKDD'20, BMVC'20, ICONIP'20, NIPS'19 workshop, BuildSys'19 and SIGSPATIAL'19 papers accepted (plus a first prize for the fast forward presentation for the last paper). Congrats to Shan Zhang, Christian Simon, Hongguang Zhang, Xianjing Wang, Weiwei Hou, Arian Prabowo and Wei Shao.
PK is serving as a Workshop Chair (co-chair) for ACCV 2022 and ACM Multimedia 2021.
PK is serving as an Area Chair for ICML 2022, ICLR 2022, AAAI 2022 and ECCV 2022. I have served so far as an AC for BMVC 2021, CVPR 2021, ICLR 2021, ECCV 2020, BMVC 2020, DICTA 2020 (SR), SPC for AAAI 2020 and an AC for ICLR 2020, ICLR 2019, WACV 2019, ICCV 2019 and BMVC 2019.
Former PhD students from CECS/ANU: Fatima Shiri, Hongguang Zhang and Yusuf Tas pass with flying colours! Congrats. I will miss you all!
PK's mini DST grant on Classification of Subtle Activities gets accepted (CI role). PK's will also be a PI on Prof. Tom Gedeon and Dr. Liang Zheng's ARC Discovery grant on Measuring Domain Gap.
PK's talk in ACCV 2020 workshop Webly-Supervised Fine-Grained Recognition Challenge (WebFG) entitled Statistical Representations for Fine-grained Recognition. Big thanks to organisers, especially Xiu-Shen Wei. The talk is here and here.
PK's talk in ECCV 2020 workshop Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge in Computer Vision (TASK-CV) entitled Few-shot Learning: From Domain Adaptation to Action Recognition to Noisy Gradients. Big thanks to organisers, especially Tatiana Tommasi and Gabriela Csurka. The talk is here.
PK's talk in WACV 2020 workshop Vision Applications & Solutions to Biased or Scarce Data (VASBSD) entitled Statistical Representations for Domain Adaptation and Few-shot Learning. Big thanks to Fatih Porikli and Kuan-Chuan Peng.
One ICCV'19, one UAI'19, two CVPR'19, two WACV'19 and one IJCV'19 papers accepted. Congrats Lei Wang, Fatemeh Shiri and Hongguang Zhang!
I am organising an ICCV 2019 tutorial entitled Second- and Higher-order Representations in Computer Vision with my colleagues Mehrtash Harandi, Lei Wang and Ruiping Wang.
I am the main advisor of five PhD students at CECS/ANU: Lei Wang, Hao Zhu, Yao Ni, Shan Zhang and Changsheng Lu. I am co-supervising (D61/second/associate supervisor, etc.) Christian Simon (ANU) with Dr. Mehrtash Harandi (Monash), Peipei Song (ANU) with A/Prof. Nick Barnes (ANU), and Arian Prabowo with A/Prof. Flora Salim (RMIT). If you are interested in PhD studies at the Australian National University and/or Data61/CSIRO, read here.
I am organising an ACCV 2018 workshop and a mini-challenge entitled Museum Exhibit Identification Challenge (Open MIC) for Domain Adaptation and Few-Shot Learning.
The Open MIC dataset is available for non-commercial academic research Open MIC Dataset (ECCV 2018).
Two ECCV'18 (oral ~2% acceptance rate/poster) and one BMVC'18 (spotlight ~6% acceptance rate) papers accepted. Congrats Yusuf Tas and Tsung-Yu Lin! Also, two CVPR'18 and one WACV'18 papers accepted. Congrats Fatemeh Shiri and Hongguang Zhang!
I have been listed as an Outstanding Reviewer by ICCV 2017, CVPR 2017 and ECCV 2016 Awards Page.
I am organising a full-day CVPR 2017 workshop entitled Tensor Methods in Computer Vision with my colleagues Anoop Cherian and Fatih Porikli.
I have been listed as an Outstanding Reviewer at CVPR 2015 Awards Page.
Code for Convolutional Kernel Networks is here.
Link to the project CLARET II: Classification and Retrieval of Images I pursued at CVSSP, UK.

Recent Publications

Tensor Representations via Kernel Linearization for Action Recognition from 3D Skeletons,
P. Koniusz, A. Cherian, F. Porikli, ArXiv Preprint 2016

Sparse Coding for Third-order Super-symmetric Tensor Descriptors with Application to Texture Recognition,
P. Koniusz, A. Cherian, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2016 (spotlight)

Higher-order Occurrence Pooling for Bags-of-Words: Visual Concept Detection,
P. Koniusz, F. Yan, P. H. Gosselin, K. Mikolajczyk, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 2016 (accepted)

Dictionary Learning and Sparse Coding for Third-order Super-symmetric Tensors, P. Koniusz, A. Cherian, ArXiv Preprint 2015

Convolutional Kernel Networks, J. Mairal, P. Koniusz, Z. Harchaoui, C. Schmid, NIPS 2014

Higher-order Occurrence Pooling on Mid- and Low-level Features: Visual Concept Detection,
P. Koniusz, F. Yan, P. H. Gosselin, K. Mikolajczyk, Technical Report (2013)

Robust Multi-Speaker Tracking via Dictionary Learning and Identity Modelling,
M. Barnard, P. Koniusz, W. Wang, J. Kittler, S. M. Naqvi, J. Chambers, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 2013

A Robust and Scalable Visual Category and Action Recognition System using Kernel Discriminant Analysis with Spectral Regression, M. A. Tahir, F. Yan, P. Koniusz, M. Awais, M. Barnard, K. Mikolajczyk, A. Bouridane, J. Kittler, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 2013

Novel Image Representations for Visual Categorisation with Bag-of-Words, P. Koniusz, PhD Dissertation (supervised by Dr. K. Mikolajczyk, reviewed by Prof. M. Bober and Prof. Theo Gevers)

Comparison of Mid-Level Feature Coding Approaches And Pooling Strategies in Visual Concept Detection,
P. Koniusz, F. Yan, K. Mikolajczyk, Computer Vision and Image Undertanding 2012

Spatial Coordinate Coding To Reduce Histogram Representations, Dominant Angle And Colour Pyramid Match, P. Koniusz, K. Mikolajczy, ICIP 2011

Soft Assignment Of Visual Words As Linear Coordinate Coding And Optimisation Of Its Reconstruction Error, P. Koniusz, K. Mikolajczyk, ICIP 2011

On a Quest for Image Descriptors Based on Unsupervised Segmentation Maps, P. Koniusz, , K. Mikolajczyk, ICPR 2010

Segmentation Based Interest Points and Evaluation of Unsupervised Image Segmentation Methods,
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